María José & Jose María

I will follow you to the edge of the trees.
Through the frozen river. Until my heart dies.
To the end of the earth.
Forever and ever more.
Until we are reunited again.

And when we are reunited together.
We shall sail upon that fiery sunset.
And beyond the milky way.
And away from the world.
And in to the next without fear.

We will look upon that cape of crashing sea.
Soaring over the dappled plain.
We will become the sun and moon.
And ride upon the shooting stars.
Into the deep unknown.
Into that mystified ocean of stars.

– Valerie Anderson
I love all of my couple’s stories but this one is particularly special. If you’ve ever been a broken hearted teenager (or a young adult in your 20s), you probably imagined what would happen if you meet again in 30years. That’s exactly what happened to Maria Jose and Jose Angel. I think I’ll always remember the impact their story made on me on our first meeting and how I was trying not to cry when they were talking about the years they didn’t spend together. The most beautiful thing is that instead of focusing on what could’ve happened, they’re living in the present, enjoying every moment they have of their love they promised to cherish until the end of their lives.

During those 30 years they spent separately, each on of them raised amazing children, that participated in every moment of their beautiful wedding, from preparations until the party and I couldn´t help but be amazed by their newly formed big family.

For their wedding venue they’ve decided to choose the Monasterio de Sant Jeroni de Cotalba, a monastic building of Valencian Gothic, Mudéjar, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical styles constructed between the 14th and 18th centuries, located close to Gandía, in the heart of Comunidad Valenciana.

Venue: Monasterio de Sant Jeroni de Cotalba
Event planning: El Poblet Events
Florist: L’arbre Flors. Floristeria.
Full wedding gallery: here

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