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Your wedding is a one in a lifetime experience and one of the most important days of your life.
As your wedding photographer, I understand the seriousness of my job and I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the privilege of your trust.


Taking my time to get to know you and understand your vision and personality (as individuals and as a couple) is something that helps me achieve that your wedding gallery looks yours and authentic to who you are.


As I already mentioned, your wedding day is a one in a lifetime experience, so I can imagine your expectations are really high and I want for that day to meet all of them. That's why I'd take care that you'll feel the most comfortable and special possible.


You can choose from a broad choice of additional services: albums, service of a second shooter, 35mm analog photography etc. Depending on your and plans, your needs might be different than the ones of other people, so let's chat and make your experience perfect!


Wedding photography is one of the most incredible types of art as it consists of so many different parts: storytelling, understanding light, understanding people, showing their personalities, turning moments into beautiful and creative images that will show the emotions and represent the uniqueness of the day. It inspires me for constant progress.


I love love. I'm a hopeless romantic and I strongly believe that in the fast-paced reality, when we feel like we never have time, our love, giving our time to others (your partner, family, friends, strangers) and caring for them is one of the most incredible things humans can do. That's why it's so important for me to capture its' true essence.

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Your questions answered


It is one of the first questions that my couples usually ask at our first meeting. The basis of my style is documentary photography but with an editorial twist inspired by fashion and art. I’m a huge sucker for the TRUE love stories and I want to tell them as they really are: yours, intimate, full of real emotions. This is why want you to feel like yourselves and spend your day with as little worry as possible.

Yes! If you’re also an analog photography fan, you probably agree when I say that film photography is timelessly classy and absolutely unique (the feeling of seeing the photos after they’re finally developed is IT). I offer the service of capturing full wedding on film, but also as an add-on. Request more information about having your wedding captured on film.

It all depends! Some packages only include me as the photographer but other packages include a second shooter – whether it’d be for second angles of digital photos, or film photography.

In any case you can be certain that when you book with me, I will be there on your wedding day to tell your story and support you.

Before making the reservation, I always advise couples to meet in person, or by video call, to see if you connect with me. As you can imagine, being your wedding photographer is something very personal, so I want you to feel comfortable with me and feel my understanding for your vision. If there are good vibes, we sign the contract that provides protection to both parties and, when signing said contract, I will ask you for the first partial payment as a reservation deposit and… your wedding lands in my calendar and the list of my priorities!

You are not the only ones with this concern. It’s a question that absolutely every couple asks, but I hope this will make you feel better: none of the couples I’ve photographed were models or had any modeling experience. My priority is that you feel comfortable with me when taking the photos. For this reason, I always try to get to know you better beforehand and do my best to make you relax when taking the photos. I don’t want you to have to worry about posing perfectly, tilting your head correctly, putting your hand in the right place, or any other nonsense. I’m here to capture your genuine connection, so a shoot with me will be more like a romantic date (but accompanied by a good friend with a professional camera) than a stressful photo shoot. It’s not something every photographer can do, but it’s something I really strive to achieve with every shoot and wedding. So don’t worry as I will guide you all the way and your photos will be absolutely gorgeous!

Planning your budgets for a wedding can be scary and overwhelming but I’d be lying if I said that photos aren’t that important, or that they don’t need to be one of your main wedding investments.

Your wedding gallery will be the only thing left except for your memories and they leave the trace of your memories for generations to come.

That’s why it’s so important to hire someone that not only will fit your style and your vision but will also understand your needs on that special day and support you.

The prices vary according to the amount of services contracted. You can request your quote here.

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