TOP luxurY Wedding
Venues in MADRID, Spain

Life of a wedding photographer in Spain is really sweet as every region of this Mediterranean country is full of breathtakingly beautiful wedding venues. Spain, with its rich history, amazing landscapes, and vibrant culture, offers an array of exquisite palaces, masías, fincas and villas that embody elegance, aesthetics, and timeless charm.

As a wedding photographer, it’s impossible for me not to put a lot of attention on beauty, aesthetics and quality, so whenever I’m being asked about a venue I’d choose for my own wedding, I can only imagine the absolute best. For couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their special day, these handpicked venues promise to create unforgettable memories. Get your notebook ready and join me, so we can explore together the most captivating wedding venues in Madrid and central Spain, sure to make your day absolutely unique and Pinterest perfect. Apart from this article, I’ve also prepared for you this map that would make the whole process much easier. The photos’ sources are venues’ websites unless stated differently.   I present to you: 




    • Nobody has to advertise the beautiful capital of Spain, the royal city with amazing history and very modern and european vibe. Getting married in the central Spain might not be as popular as it is on its’ coasts, but it really is one of the most luxurious, elegant and classy destinations. One of my favourite wedding venues in that region is…
  • Finca Casa del Esquileo

One of the many amazing things about this venue is that you can rent out that whole place for four full days and enjoy the time spent to the fullest with your friends and family in its’ beatiful interiors. The beautiful rawness of the building would be like blank canvas for your 100% customised wedding.

Accommodation: no


  • El Casino de Madrid

We all are just pretending to be too cool to admit that at some point of our lifes (influenced by classic Disney movies) we dreamt of living a fairytale scene of dancing in a ballroom or living that iconic moment going down the stairs and having the love of our lives waiting at the bottom of them looking at us the way Jack looked at Rose. This place is just perfect to make that dream come true.


Accomodation: no


  • Monasterio de Lupiana

This 14th-century monastery, steeped in history, offers exclusive facilities for your wedding. Its stunning cloister, declared a National Monument, sets the stage for a magical celebration. With beautiful gardens and a charming church on-site, your guests will be captivated by the surroundings. The monastery’s rich legacy makes it a truly unique venue for your special day.  

Accomodation: no

  • Castle of the Bishops of Sigüenza

As the last one on this list, I present to you the oldest one, a medieval castle from the XII century that’s been witnessing Spanish history for almost 900 years now. It would be a really special wedding venue, especially for the fans of history.


Accomodation: yes

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