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Life of a wedding photographer in Spain is really sweet as every region of this Mediterranean country is full of breathtakingly beautiful wedding venues. Spain, with its rich history, amazing landscapes, and vibrant culture, offers an array of exquisite palaces, masías, fincas and villas that embody elegance, aesthetics, and timeless charm.

As a wedding photographer, it’s impossible for me not to put a lot of attention on beauty, aesthetics and quality, so whenever I’m being asked about a venue I’d choose for my own wedding, I can only imagine the absolute best. For couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their special day, these handpicked venues promise to create unforgettable memories. Get your notebook ready and join me, so we can explore together the most captivating wedding venues in Valencia and Alicante, sure to make your day absolutely unique and Pinterest perfect. Apart from this article, I’ve also prepared for you this map that would make the whole process much easier. The photos’ sources are venues’ websites unless stated differently.   I present to you: 




    As a wedding photographer based in Valencia, I’m an absolute fan of those typical Valencian weddings full of traditions, music, oranges and paella. The list is long but I’ve decided to share my absolute favourite, that also offer the timeless charm and historical architecture. While celebrating your one in a lifetime experience, don’t forget to visit Valencia dnd Alicante. If anyone asked me what venue would I choose if I wanted to get married in Comunidad Valenciana, i’d have to say it’s gonna be…

  • Finca Marques de Montemolar

The wedding venue that has it all: a villa with historic interiors, seaview, Spanish old town in the background. It’s perfect for both big parties and for intimate celebration.
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Accommodation: no
  • La Cartoixa d’Ara Christi

Have you ever imagined the most amazing party taking place in an old monastery? La Cartuja de Ara Christi might be your plave as it’s famous for probably the best party interiors one could imagine. In the old monastery you can also find an amazing patio that gives place to incredibly aesthetic wedding dinners.

Accomodation: no

Source: Foto on the left – ©PorPartedelaNovia
  • Finca Torrefiel

What I love the most about Finca Torrefiel is how it mixes the beauty and tradition of spanish venues with french elegance and aesthetic. You’ll fall in love with its’ gardens and terrazas.

Accomodation: no

  • Finca Santonja

Just as example mention above, Finca Santonja also gives the “french castle” vibe, amazing us with its’ greenery and history. Fo the fans of history and the couples who think of indoors wedding, in Finca Santonja you can find beautiful raw historic rooms that are just asking for moody candles and tuxedos.

Accomodation: yes

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